The Vernon Towne Theatre is here to help YOUR group reach its 

fundraising goals! 





The historic Towne Theatre has been operating in downtown Vernon since 1938. The operations of the theatre have been recently taken over by the local non-profit Okanagan Screen Arts Society. The Society’s mandate is to provide bursaries to local students pursuing an education in the arts as well as preserve the Town Theatre for future generations of Vernonites. 

Our gift certificate sales fundraising program is the perfect, easy to run solution for helping your sports team, school, club or other non-profit raise money! 
The process is simple, you sell already reasonably priced gift certificates good for admissions to the movies, and your group gets to keep $2 for each gift certificate sold (this is up to 29% of the value of the certificates!). No minimums, no hassle of distributing bulky products, no messy bottles, and all the money stays local going towards other great causes! The certificates have no expiry date and are good for any movie admission at the theatre


Admission Gift Certificate Types/Prices 
Children (under 12) and Seniors: $8.00  
General Admission: $10.00  
Family Matinee Passes (up to 2 General Admission and 2 Children/Seniors): $29.50 
 For each Admission gift certificate sold, your group keeps $2.00!
How Does it Work?  
Step 1: Email to provide information about your community group and to receive the fundraising forms for your fundraiser campaign.
Step 2 : disburse either digital of physical forms to all your fundraisers, filling in their information and collecting the money for the gift certificates.
Step 3 : Arrange to come to the theatre with the completed forms and money, and receive your gift certificates at the discounted rates… keeping the $2 difference for your group.
**Alternatively, you can purchase the gift certificates in advance in bulk at the discounted rate to be able to sell them on the spot at the full retail rate without any need for forms or tracking. Any unsold gift certificates at the end of your fundraising can simply be returned and the money refunded to your group. 
Q: How long should we run our fundraiser for?  
A: You can run it for however long you wish, but generally 2-4 weeks is an ideal amount of time to ensure you don’t lose track of forms/sales. 
Q: How can we pay for our gift certificates? 
A: We accept cash (ideally to save processing fees), credit, debit, or cheques. If payment is made by cheque and you have not run a fundraiser through us before, we will not be able to provide the certificates until the cheque clears. 
Q: What groups can run a fundraiser with the Towne Theatre program? 
A: Local school groups, teams, clubs, non-profits, charities, or other community groups are generally eligible. Please contact the email provided for confirmation that your group fits the requirements.  />